Don’t Throw it Away. Tow It!

Need a tow? You are not alone. When your car breaks down on a busy street or highway, it is a frustrating and stressful situation. Finding a reputable tow service is not that easy. Search for a local reputable towing service. Ask friends, family, and ask co-workers about their suggestions. Check the tow company’s online reviews and ratings. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Once you find a towing company that charges a fair rate, add it to your favorites list on your mobile phone. Having peace of mind will help to reduce your stress level especially during your hectic daily commute. When selecting a towing company, try to find one that offers a variety of towing options, i.e., flatbed trucks, wheel-lift, and hook & chain. Make sure the towing company is licensed and insured especially for collision towing. Ask about their specialties in towing various types of vehicles. Ask information about their payment options. Contact your auto insurance company and ask for their recommendations.

Consider doing a background check on your preferred company. Check for their response time, ETA rate (estimated time of arrival). Look for an established company with good references and good customer ratings. But, don’t rule out newer towing companies that have good records, references, and ratings as well. Ask about other services offered such as roadside assistance, lockout service, flat tire repair, emergency service, and fuel refill service.

During emergencies, when it comes to towing your vehicle, it is hard to be picky about the type of tow truck used. However when possible, most people prefer the flatbed truck to the hook & chain type of tow trucks. Because of this towing preference, most companies have flatbed trucks in their fleet. It is a good idea to check with your insurance company to see what types of tow trucks are covered under your policy. Avoid high-priced towing companies. Review several towing companies and be prepared to see a wide range of prices. Conducting thorough research will help to avoid being shocked by the prices charged. Even within your local region, the prices will vary. Ask the towing service about specific details such as the cost to haul your vehicle over a specific mile limit or to the nearest garage. Inquire about the charges for towing your vehicle farther than the closest repair garage. Can you tow your car to your home or a specific repair garage instead of just the closest garage?

Commonly, insurance companies cover towing charges within a certain mile radius or to the closest repair facility or the closest car dealership. Clarify with the tow truck driver the total charge. Find out how much you will have to pay for your portion of the bill. Don’t wait until an emergency arises to find out the facts about tow truck companies and their fees. With a small amount of time invested by doing a thorough search for a reputable tow company, you can save yourself a lot of money.